Americana Community Music Association, Inc.

Our Mission & Purpose Statement

Americana Community Music Association, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) Organization


ACMA is committed to supporting original independent music and musicians with programs that expand community appreciation and education while fostering the creativity and diversity that influence Americana and Roots music.
Our hope is that by aiding in the growth of the Americana and Roots music in our area the community at large will benefit by gaining access to high quality and original acts for performances at charitable events as well as fundraising efforts to enhance the music community at large.


​*Develop listening room where:

- Musical events to the community as a whole and where singer-songwriter events can be held
- Promote original music and connections between musicians and songwriters
- Offer workshops


*Enable those who wish to get involved with music the means to do so
*Hold Fundraising events to further expand on our efforts to enhance the music community at large

 Current Board of Directors:

Alice Schaefer - President
Cindy Reuter-Zingraff - Secretary
Trish Mauro - Treasurer
Tom Byerly - Director
Pam Lowe - Director
Mike McMillan
Bob Williams - Director

 Advisory Panel:
Nita Flores
Andrew Lewis
Larry Mangum
Bill Steele
Founding Board Members:

​What is Americana Music?
Defined in part by Wikipedia: "Americana is an amalgam of roots musics formed by the confluence of the shared and varied traditions that make up the American musical ethos; specifically those sounds that are merged from folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and other external influential styles such as bluegrass". 

2 PM Band
8 Ball Aitken
Acoustic Eidolon
Alabaster Falls 
Alan Rhody
Andrew Lewis
Andrew McKnight
Andru Bemis
Annie Wenz*
Barbara Chamberlain*
Bill & Kate Isles
Bill Bynum & Co
Bill Metts*
Bob Covington*
Bob Sima
Bob Williams*
Boz & Bon*
Brian Smalley 
Brother Sun
Bruce Gallant*
Buddy Mondlock
Carlene Thissen*
Charlie Morris
Claude Bourbon
Connor Christian
Cosy Sheridan  
Dan Philgreen*
David Hintz*
David & Carolyn Stanley*
​Dean Johanesen
Doug MacLeod
Eileen Kozloff
Elva Hahn
Eric Bettencourt
Erin Thomas
Erissa Rey
Flagship Romance
Franc Robert
Frankie Colt*
Friction Farm
George Worthmore
Gove Schrivner
Grant Maloy Smith
Grant Peeples
Gurf Morlix
Hank Woji
Hans York
Harpeth Rising
Heather Pierson Trio
Homegrown Sounds*
Honey Creepers*
Jann Klose
Jaime Michaels
Jeff Black
Jefferson Ross
Jennings & Keller
Joe Virga*
Jon Corneal
Jon Shain
J Robert Houghtaling 
Karen Mal
Kip Lawrence*
Kraig Kenning*
La Grange
Larry Mangum
Lauren Nicole Heintz
"Lipbone" Redding 
Malcolm Holcomb
Martin Swinger
Martha Gallagher
Mean Mary
Melissa Welke*
Millie Van Horn*
Muriel Anderson
Nate Curin
Nikki Talley
Nouveaux Honkies 
Olivia Millerschin
Paul Garfinkle
Peter Bensen*
Pierce Pettis
Randy & Lori Thomas
Ray Cerbone*
Rebecca Pulley
Richard Smith & Julie Adams
Robin O'Herin
Rod MacDonald
Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield*
Rupert Wates
Sara Mac Band
Sheena Brook*
Stevie Coyle
Terry Lynn Melody*
Tim & Myles Thompson
Tim Farrell
The Bombadils
The Dr. & Dave*
The Hummingbirds
The New 76ers
The Squirrel Hillbillies
Tom Begich 
Tom Shed
Tret Fure 
Twin Kennedy (Carli and Julie Kennedy)
Well Worn Soles
Woody Russell Trio
Yard Dogs*

* Denotes Local Singer Songwriter
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Pictures from January 17th - HOMEGROWN SERIES
Singers & Storytellers - Ray Cerbone, Matt Hannam, Peg Williams
(and special guest on the harmonica & cajon drums - Emery Williams)

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Americana Music is the edgier side of Folk!
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