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Interested in performing at ACMA 
Listening Room?

As our name suggests, WE ARE A LISTENING ROOM - ACMA fosters an audience that respects independent, original music. Your audience will be there to listen, appreciate and pay attention to your music and lyrics. Our motto is “It’s all about the music”.

Our space can hold up to 120 people - but we have the ability to create a smaller, more intimate space depending on your fan base. Our audience enjoys a variety of music: Americana, folk, southern roots, country, blues…

Our stage can best accommodate up to 4 musicians. Most shows include 2 – 45 minutes sets with a 15 minute intermission to give the audience a chance to stretch their legs and give you a chance to sell your merchandise. We do provide a local opening act for touring musicians, chosen to compliment the type of music being played that night.

We have a committee that reviews the music of artists interested in holding a concert at our venue.
If you are interested in being considered please fill out the appropriate Interest form below and send materials via a link that includes your bio and music samples to  appropriate email below.

Touring Musicians please send an email to: Alice Schaefer

Local Musicians interested in opening or in our HomeGrown Music Series may contact: Bob Williams 

Note: We request CD samples be sent to ACMA Listening Room, c/o Alice, 244 Lakeview Dr. North Ft. Myers, FL. 33917

If you have questions about playing at the Listen Room, please use the Contact Us link below-Thank you!

If you have been chosen to play at the ACMA Listening Room there are a few things that you might want to know:
We are a smoke-free venue. However, smoking is allowed outside.
We are located at 2756 McGregor Blvd-Ft. Myers, Fl. 33901 (In the All Faiths Unitarian Congregation building)
Parking is available in front of the building 
We try to advertise all performances in The News-Press Gulf Coasting section and other free local publications advertising upcoming events.
We will include your performance on our website and calendar.
We will post on social media and send out information in an ACMA E-News mailing.
Please e-mail a request for media contacts. We find that performers who reach out to local media outlets have a higher audience attendance. 
To further increase the number of folks who come out for your concert, it is a good idea to send us some posters to place around the area. We also encourage you to send us a bio  and a picture (JPG) to include in press releases.
We will schedule a local Musician to open for our Traveling Artists. Their set will be approx. ½ hour.
 No compensation is offered to the local musician, however, they will be able to sell merchandise if they so choose.
​* Local Musicians may or may not have an opening Act- This should be discussed with the Booking Coordinator. (use link above)
Touring Musicians: If you need overnight accommodations, one of our members should be able to help. Be sure to let us know if you have any allergies, special likes or dislikes and we will do our best to accommodate you. Touring musicians should Coordinate with Alice during the booking process. 

Very Important for all Bookings: Local & Touring musicians, please Do not forget to include a poster for ACMA to hang up as well.

Please send posters directly to ACMA Listening Room c/o Alice - 244 Lakeview Dr. Ft. Myers, Fl. 33917 at least 
2 weeks prior to performance. Also please send a Flyer via email (Jpeg) to:

Please Read Carefully,

Area to set up promotional merchandise items for sale
Set up for stage area –armless chairs for stage
ACMA does have a sound system: an Alto Live 1202 -12 channel mixer, with 3 1000 Mackie thump 12 inch speakers and 3 Shure SM58 mics with stands. Please advise us in advance if you will not need our system as it requires set up.

SUGGESTED DONATION (for performer):
We urge performers to have a "suggested donation" included on flyers and posters. We normally advertise $15 non-member/$10 member donation at the door. Please discuss with our booking coordinators if you have another price point, but be sure to keep in mind whether you have a local fan base to support that.

As a not for profit organization we are only able to survive by donations - we generally receive 20%/25% of the door for touring musicians and 40% for local musicians.

Of course we love benefits where at least 50% is donated to ACMA as well - please let us know what you would like to donate. Benefits should be stated as such on promotional materials. 

Performers make sure to Finalize Booking: Once a date and time have been set for you to play the ACMA, Please check that you have agreed to and acknowledged the above and fill out our information form and submit. Thank you, we look forward to hosting you!

Schneider & Mayfield Concert Jan 10, 2015
w/ Bruce & Cecile Gallant opening

We had a great time. We really appreciate your hospitality, and also what you've accomplished in building up such a terrific place for live music. That's our absolute favorite sort of show, and we've played just about every kind of stage over the last several years. It is a real accomplishment on the part of the ACMA to be able to fill a room that way. We've had the opportunity to watch listening rooms develop in other places (including our hometown Fogartyville Cafe). We know something about the work it takes, and the patience. It is a real service to your community, not to mention what it means for musicians like us.  

TESTIMONIAL - Sarah Mac Band

 Please fill out appropriate interest form below.
Make sure you send appropriate links, bio, etc. to proper email above. Our Music committee will review and get back to you as soon as possible as to a decision on booking. Please keep in mind we receive many requests and cannot book everyone. 

We are currently booked well into 2018!
Local Muiscians
Touring Musicians

Paul Garfinkel‎ to Americana Community Music Association
June 28 at 6:02pm · 
Hello, all... A quick no to express our gratitude for hosting us on Saturday evening. 
We had a fantastic time and felt so incredibly welcomed and loved. 
Looking forward to coming back again in the future. 
It is truly all about the music! Best to all!!!!


From the pre-show publicity (with great coverage in the Florida Weekly and the News-Press) to the exceptionally warm welcome from the listening room crowd, to the tremendous hospitality from our host, Andy, our experience with the Americana Community Music Association in Ft. Myers was fabulous. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful series. 
I Agree & Acknowledge