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Part of the ACMA mission is to to support original independent music and musicians and to promote original music and connections between musicians and songwriters. To that purpose, back in 2012, a Singer/Songwriter Circle was established where local musicians can meet to share their work. 
A core group of musicians meets weekly, with many local and visiting artists joining in as they have time or are in town. The primary purpose is of course to network and support fellow singer/songwriters through sharing of songs, critique (when requested), and discussion. 
Members have also been known to throw out challenges, from which several well written songs have been created and have since achieved a fair amount of local fame.

Bill Metts - brought the Singer/Songwriter Circle to the Stage
Donations this evening went  to the 
Oak Hammock Middle School Guitar Program. This program provides guitars to needy school children and was started by ACMA member William Metts.
The weekly Singer/Songwriter Circle is just one aspect of the nonprofit group the Americana Community Music Association. The three-year-old ACMA also includes music workshops and weekly concerts featuring ACMA members and well-regarded national touring acts such as Gurf Morlix, country-rock pioneer Jon Corneal and Nashville mainstay Pierce Pettis (who’s written songs for Garth Brooks, Joan Baez and Dar Williams).
 (excerpt from article written by Charles Runnells
ACMA is strictly secular and all about original music.

I would like to say that it is an honor to share that room with each and every one of you. We are song writers! We take blank pieces of paper and turn them into sheets of inspiration that move the hearts of our fellow travelers. I know so many people that would gladly give their eye teeth to be seated in one of those chairs. We are truly blessed. Together we create something wonderful and sharing it with others is our purpose. I celebrate over our times together!