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The Music

What is Americana Music?

Americana is contemporary music that incorporates elements of various Americana roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. We call it the edgier side of Folk. For the ACMA, the emphasis is on singer/songwriters, performing their original songs on acoustic instruments.

The American Community Music Association (ACMA) is a not for profit 501(c) (3) organization
created and run by local musicians and fans of Americana music.

List of Past Performers:

* Denotes Local Singer Songwriter

8 Ball Aitken

Acoustic Eidolon

Alabaster Falls

Alan Rhody

Andrew Lewis

Andrew McKnight

Annie Wenz*

Barbara Chamberlain*

Bill & Kate Isles

Bill Metts*

Bob Covington*

Bob Sima

Bob Williams*

Boz & Bon*

Brian Smalley

Brother Sun

Bruce Gallant*

Buddy Mondlock

Carlene Thissen*

Charlie Morris

Claude Bourbon

Connor Christian

Cosy Sheridan


Dan Philgreen*

Dave & Val Concdine*

David Hintz*

David & Carolyn Stanley*

Dean Johanesen

Doug MacLeod

Eileen Kozloff

Elva Hahn

Eric Bettencourt

Erin Thomas

Erissa Rey

Flagship Romance

Franc Robert

Frankie Colt*

Friction Farm

George Worthmore

Gove Schrivner

Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Peeples

Gurf Morlix

Hank Woji

Hans York

Harpeth Rising

Heather Pierson Trio

Homegrown Sounds*

Honey Creepers*

Jann Klose

Jaime Michaels

Jeff Black

Jefferson Ross

Jennings & Keller

Joe Virga*

Jon Corneal

Jon Shain

J Robert Houghtaling

Karen Mal

Kip Lawrence*

Kraig Kenning*

La Grange

Larry Mangum

Lauren Nicole Heintz

“Lipbone” Redding

Martin Swinger

Martha Gallagher

Mean Mary

Melissa Welke*

Millie Van Horn*

Muriel Anderson

Nate Curin

Nikki Talley

Nouveaux Honkies

Olivia Millerschin



Paul Garfinkle

Peter Bensen*

Pierce Pettis

Ray Cerbone*

Rebecca Pulley

Richard Smith & Julie Adams

Robin O’Herin

Rod MacDonald

Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield*

Rupert Wates

Sara Mac Band

Sheena Brook*


Stevie Coyle

Terry Lynn Melody*

Tim & Myles Thompson

Tim Farrell

The Bombadils

The Dr. & Dave*

The Hummingbirds

The New 76ers

The Squirrel Hillbillies

Tom Begich

Tom Shed

Tret Fure

Twin Kennedy (Carli and Julie Kennedy)

Well Worn Soles


Woody Russell Trio

Yard Dogs*

Past shows


Jan 10 Roy Schneider  Open Bruce Gallant

Jan 23 Bro sun  Open   Jay Norris john

Jan 31 nikki  Nick & Kathy Bernardi

Sat Feb 7. HomeGrown David Hintz

Sat feb 14.  Jon Shain.       Opening Carolyn & David Stanley

Sunday feb 22nd. Gurf Morlix  Opening Ken Crosby

Sat feb 28th.  Cosy Sheridan   Opening Lucia Jenkins

Saturday March 7. Hans York opening Matt H.

Friday March 13.  Tim Farrell   opening   Scott Dozier

Friday March 20.    HomeGrown.ACMA Benefit Bob Williams

Saturday March 28.  Kate and Bill Isles  opening   Jim Visone

April 4 th. 8 Ball Aitken  opening David Hintz

April 11th. Patchouli.  Opening    Val & David Dean

April 18th. Jaime Michaels  opening Ray Cerbone

April 25.HomeGrown Alan & Laurie

May 2 Michelle and Scott Dalziel  Opening  CarleneThissen

May 9th  Conner Christian  opening Scott Timson & Toni McEnery

May 16 HomeGrown Boz & Bon, Lucia & Bob Jenkins , opening Jamieson Roberts

May 30 Homegrown Frankie Colt

June 6th  Flagship Romance.  Joe Virga

June 20th:  HomeGrown Kip Lawrence
June 27th:  Pierce Pettis opening The Homegrown Sounds of Peggy & Emery Williams

July 11th John French and La Grange  Opening Drew Dintzner

July 18 HomeGrown   Songwriters & Storytellers David Hintz / Bob Covington / K C Cohen

August 8th Lauren Nicole Heintz   opening Caleb Hawkins

August 15 Homegrown  Singer Songwriter Circle On Stage  Bill Metts

August 22  Jon Corneal opening Bob Williams

Sept 12  HomeGrown  Dan  Philgreen, Dave and Val with Francis Briggs

Sept. 19h  Roy Schneider/Kim Mayfield CD release party

Sept  25  Grant Peeples / Sarah  Mac  Opening Matt Hannam

Oct. 3rd Richard Gilewitz           uke workshop  Opening   opening David Martin

Oct. 10th Eric Bettencourt. Opening   Bill Metts

Oct 17th Homegrown  Coventry:  Barbara Chamberlain and Carlene Thissen

Nov 14th Matt Bednarsky        Opening Cindy & Allen The Native Kid

Nov. 21 Homegrown Mike Campbell

Dec 5th Harpeth Rising  opener  Bill Steel

Dec 8th sunset   b williams, b Covington

Jan 9th 2016.  Heather Pierson TRIO. Opening Joe Virga

Jan 16 HomeGrown Songwriters  Bruce Gallant  , Melissa Welke   Pete Benson

Jan 23 Jaime Michaels   Opening  Ken Crosby

Jan 26  sunset Kip, David, mike McM

Jan 30 Kelley McRae and Matt Castelein Opening  Ricky Baker

Feb 6th      The New 76ers opening Dan Philgreen. Bw away

Feb 13th HomeGrown Andrew Lewis  Special guest David H

Feb 27 Doug MaCleod… mike McMillian open

March 5th Tim Farrell  open Lisa Roberson

March 12th The Yard Dog reunion $20.-25

March 19th homegrown. Carolyn & David Stanley special guest Bill Metts

March 26 Jefferson Ross  opening   Andy Getch guitar auction

April 1st:  Listening Room Festival. David Martin, ACMA opener.

LRF Showcase:  Woody Russell, Olivia Millerschin, The Bombadils.

April 16th:  8 Ball Aitken—Maria and the MudKatz opening.

April 23rd:  ACMA Greatest Hits, Volume II CD release Party—

April 30th:  Tim and Myles Thompson.—Houseboat Jim opening.

May7th Robert Franc—Blues  open Karen Cohen

May 14th Annie Wenz  Opening Thomas Hoffmaster

May 21 HOMEGROWN  Ray Cerbone Trio  with special guests Toni and Scott

May 28th Nate Currin….Opening Bill Veach

June 11th Tom Begich-  Dave Clayton

June 18th Homegrown bob Williams bob Covington & Glen S   / pete B

June 25  Paul Garfinkle   open Lisa Robertson

July 9th:  Rebekah Pulley  Barbara Lynn

July 16th:  HomeGrown      Bob Night  Andy G

July 23rd:  JR Houghttaling  opening Kip Lawrence

August  6 Mean Mary  Open Scott lee dozier

August 13  homegrown   Circle on stage  All Faiths show

August 27 Well Worn Soles. toni & scott

Sept. 10th:  Grant Maloy Smith  ..Bruce & C gallent

Sept. 17th:  HomeGrown.   Carlene & Barbara

Sept. 24th:  Alan Rhody  opening Steve ford

Sept 29th IHF crowne Plaza   BW DH AB DC KP JV DP BOZ &BON

Oct. 8th:  Rod MacDonald:  Joe Virga Opening.

Oct. 15th:   The Homegrown Sounds of Peggy & Emery Williams  , The Dr & Dave

Oct. 22nd:  The twin Kennedys Carli and Julie Kennedy    BILL fields

Oct. 29th:  Patchouli—Andy Getch

Nov 12 Library Bruce & Cecile Gallent & Carolyn & David Stanley

Nov. 12:  Jeff Black Opening Ricky Baker / Peter Golbitz

Nov. 19th  Homegrown    Royal Flush show

Dec 1 lovers key  Roy , Kim,  JRobert

Dec 3 Jann Klose, bill steel Open

Dec 10 Library Pete Benson, Glenn Sabatka, Joe Virga

Jan 5th Lovers Key State Park  …Alan Bradford  David Clayton, Bill Veach

Jan  7th 2017:  Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield    Opening   Robert Bidney

Jan 14 Martin Swigner   Opening Joyce Knake

Jan 14 South Country Library, Bob Williams , David Hintz,  Robert Bidney

Jan 21  Brother Sun Opening Eileen Kozloff

Jan  27th     Friday     Mille Van, TerryLynn Melody,  Annie Wenz

Feb 2  Lovers Key State Park  Boz & Bon  Toni & Scotty

Feb 4 Tret Fure  open Robert Bidney

Feb 11 Homegrown  Ray Cerbone & David Hintz

Feb 11  South Country Library Acoustic Blues Mike McMillian, Karen Cohen, Bill Metts

Feb 19 Sunday Muriel Anderson tickets  Open   Melisa Welk

Feb 25   Swearingen & Kelli  Opening  Mangrove Flats

March 2nd  Lovers Key State Park  Acoustic Blues Mike McMillian, Karen Cohen, Bill Metts

March 3 Friday  The Hummingbirds  Opening  Bob Williams

March 11 Nouveau Honkies  Mary Danl With Carolyn Stanley

March 11 South Country Library Ray Cerbone, Matt Hannam , Dave Martin

March 18 Acoustic Blues Mike McMillian, Karen Cohen, Bill Metts

March 25 Jon Shain  opening  Bill Fields

April 1  The Squirrel Hillbillies Opening Ken Crosby

April 6th Lovers Key state Park  Dan Philgreen Bob Williams Keith Parker

April 8 South Country Library Open Mic

April 15    Ukulele Kid Club Benefit Show   Barbara Lynn, Lucia Jenkins & Bob Cox

April 22 Malcolm Holcombe  opening David Clayton

April 29  Pierce Pettis   Opening  Kip Lawrence

May 6  Andre Benis Opening houseboat Jim

May13 Brian Smalley  opening Peg & Em williams

May 20  Summer of Love 1967   Tribute show

May  27 numr11   opening Rick Hardenman

June 3 Bill Bynum Open Paul Phillips

June 10 2 PM Band opening Debbie Jamieson Another fine Mess

June 17 Homegrown  Jrobert , Keith Parker opening

June 24 Randy Thomas  opening Dr & Dave

July 8 John John Brown opening Pete Benson

July 15 homegrown songwriters circle showcase

July 22 Rebecca Folsom Open Ray Cerbone

August 5 Nate Currin Open Ken Hulme

Aug 26 Sally Barris Open  Andy Getch

Sept 2 Ellen Bukstel Open  Bill Veach

Oct 7 Grant Peeples opening Peg & EM Williams

Oct 14 Danika Holmes & jeb.  Scott Lee Doxier opening

Oct 21 Hank Woji, Eileen Kozloff Bob Williams open

Oct 28  David Massengill Joe Virga opens

November 4th: New guys HomeGrown    Rick Hardeman , Ross Jordan  Paul Phillips

FRIDAY Nov. 17th: Harpeth Rising , Millie Vanhorn opening

Dec. 2nd. Verlon Thompson Opening Opening Roy Schneider

Dec 7  Lovers Key  Hank Woji, Eileen Kozloff, & Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield (aka The Reckless Saints)

Dec 16  Library Glenn Sabatka, Pete Benson, Doug Chaiet

Jan 6th The Reckless Saints Opening David Hintz

Jan 13:   Nikki Talley with Jason Sharp  open Chakulla

Jan 13 Library Bill Veach, Ross Jordan, Dan Philgreen

Jan 19   FRIDAY    HomeGrown  Kip Lawrence  Opening Alan & Cindy

Jan 27th Bill Mize open Bill Burkert

Jan 28 Randy Thomas Songwriting Workshop Free for ACMA members

Feb 1 Lovers Key  Ray Cerbone, Mike McMillan, & Houseboat Jim

Feb 3 Homegrown    Melissa Welke,  Annie Wenz  & Kim Mayfield


Feb 10 Library Bob Williams, Andy Getch, Carlen Thissen

Feb 10  Lipbone  open Bruce & Cecile Gallant

Feb 18 Sunday Muriel Anderson opening Ray Cerbone

Feb 24   David Stanley    Bill Metts & Bob Williams

March 1 Lovers Key     Annie Wenz , Robert Bidney, David Hintz

We’d love for you to come join us

Our Board Members

Alice Schaefer – President

Bob Williams – VP

Cindy Zingraff-Secretary

Trish Mauro – Treasurer

Tom Byerly – Director

Pam Lowe – Director

Mike McMillan – Director

Check out our YouTube channel for performances by our local artists.