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The Music

What is Americana Music?

Americana is contemporary music that incorporates elements of various Americana roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. We call it the edgier side of Folk. For the ACMA, the emphasis is on singer/songwriters, performing their original songs on acoustic instruments.

The American Community Music Association (ACMA) is a not for profit 501(c) (3) organization
created and run by local musicians and fans of Americana music.

List of Past Performers:

* Denotes Local Singer Songwriter

8 Ball Aitken

Acoustic Eidolon

Alabaster Falls

Alan Rhody

Andrew Lewis

Andrew McKnight

Annie Wenz*

Barbara Chamberlain*

Bill & Kate Isles

Bill Metts*

Bob Covington*

Bob Sima

Bob Williams*

Boz & Bon*

Brian Smalley

Brother Sun

Bruce Gallant*

Buddy Mondlock

Carlene Thissen*

Charlie Morris

Claude Bourbon

Connor Christian

Cosy Sheridan


Dan Philgreen*

Dave & Val Concdine*

David Hintz*

David & Carolyn Stanley*

Dean Johanesen

Doug MacLeod

Eileen Kozloff

Elva Hahn

Eric Bettencourt

Erin Thomas

Erissa Rey

Flagship Romance

Franc Robert

Frankie Colt*

Friction Farm

George Worthmore

Gove Schrivner

Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Peeples

Gurf Morlix

Hank Woji

Hans York

Harpeth Rising

Heather Pierson Trio

Homegrown Sounds*

Honey Creepers*

Jann Klose

Jaime Michaels

Jeff Black

Jefferson Ross

Jennings & Keller

Joe Virga*

Jon Corneal

Jon Shain

J Robert Houghtaling

Karen Mal

Kip Lawrence*

Kraig Kenning*

La Grange

Larry Mangum

Lauren Nicole Heintz

“Lipbone” Redding

Martin Swinger

Martha Gallagher

Mean Mary

Melissa Welke*

Millie Van Horn*

Muriel Anderson

Nate Curin

Nikki Talley

Nouveaux Honkies

Olivia Millerschin



Paul Garfinkle

Peter Bensen*

Pierce Pettis

Ray Cerbone*

Rebecca Pulley

Richard Smith & Julie Adams

Robin O’Herin

Rod MacDonald

Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield*

Rupert Wates

Sara Mac Band

Sheena Brook*


Stevie Coyle

Terry Lynn Melody*

Tim & Myles Thompson

Tim Farrell

The Bombadils

The Dr. & Dave*

The Hummingbirds

The New 76ers

The Squirrel Hillbillies

Tom Begich

Tom Shed

Tret Fure

Twin Kennedy (Carli and Julie Kennedy)

Well Worn Soles


Woody Russell Trio

Yard Dogs*

We’d love for you to come join us

Our Board Members

Alice Schaefer – President

Bob Williams – VP

Cindy Zingraff-Secretary

Trish Mauro – Treasurer

Tom Byerly – Director

Pam Lowe – Director

Mike McMillan – Director

Check out our YouTube channel for performances by our local artists.