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ACMA Songwriters at the Plaza, Karen Cohen , Dan Philgreen, Bruce Gallant

April 11, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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Karen Cohen , Dan Philgreen, Bruce Gallant
The Lee County Library has joined with The ACMA (Americana Community Music Association), to offer FREE concerts of all original music by local Artists. Concerts will take place in the Amphitheater, which is located on South Cornog Plaza. Bring a chair or a blanket, shows will be moved to the meeting rooms located next to the amphitheater if needed depending on weather.
The ACMA is a Fort Myers based not for profit promoting local artists who perform original songs. What to expect, you will hear singer-songwriters sharing a lifetime of experiences in song and the inspiration behind the songs. Be prepared to enjoy an evening of professional quality acoustic Americana music. Americana music is a coming together of blues, roots, folk , bluegrass, and country. Lots of room to spread out so bring a friend.
Karen Cohen,
A lifelong guitar player and visual artist, Karen is used to focusing on creative pursuits. Whatever form her creative “Flow-du-Jour” takes, she generally excels. Whether it is singing and picking songs from the 60’s folk revival, Jumping on a Memphis Minnie guitar lick, or Sliding on some Old Delta Blues, she has fans at guitar circles, open mics and at a few from the ACMA. Over the past few years Karen has been writing her own songs. A new form of creating for her, but as she put’s it; “It all comes from the same Source… I love get to the essence of Emotion. Whether Carved from the trunk of a Black Walnut tree, Burned with acid into a printmaker’s plate, or coming up with a new melody to illuminate a lyric, emotion is the ceaseless source of my expression.”
Dan Philgreen,
After failed attempts at violin and piano, Dan Philgreen picked up the guitar in the 7th grade. Like many of his age he was very influenced by the many singer-songwriters that were at the height of their popularity during the 70’s when he was in high school, as well as the folk-rock bands of that era, such as Crosby, Stills, and Nash. He has played in church for much of his life but has also always had a love for folk music which never had much of an outlet before his moving to Fort Myers. The founding of the Americana Community Music Association opened a door of opportunity to develop and share his music in a community of folks who are also passionate about this genre. Though he dabbled in song-writing earlier in his life and had a few songs to his credit, the inspiration of the ACMA’s songwriter’s circle spurred him to write many more songs over the past few years. His playing has also developed to a higher point in the last decade and he says that, with age, his voice is finally starting to cooperate as well. Dan’s songs are based on his observations of life and the beauty he sees in the world. They deal with the challenges of life honestly, but always attempt to leave the listener with hope.
Bruce Gallant “Music was always a part of my life.Family jamborees were a constant part of my family life. My Mom, uncles and numerous relatives and friends, all sang and played music .It was just part of life for me.
I started writing songs in my late 20’s and have never stopped.Anything of importance in my life is in one of my songs. It is not a choice for me to write anymore than breathing is. I need to write to survive”.
Date: April 11, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Cost: FREE
Address: 1651 Lee St
Fort Myers , FL 33901 United States

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