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Interested in performing at ACMA?

As our name suggests, We Are a Listening Room – ACMA fosters an audience that respects independent, original music. Your audience will be there to listen, appreciate and pay attention to your music and lyrics. Our motto is “It’s all about the music”.

Our space can hold up to
but we have the ability to create a smaller, more intimate space depending on your fan base.

Our stage best accommodates up to

Most shows include
with a 15 minute intermission. We provide a local opening act for touring musicians.

Touring Musician Request

    Local Musician Request

      Have you been booked?

      If you are applying and especiallly if you have been chosen to play at the ACMA Listening Room, there are a few things that you might want to know.

      You may want to know: 

      Our concerts are normally held on Saturday nights only as we rent the room from All Faiths Unitarian Congregation at 2756 McGregor Blvd in. Fort Myers. On rare occasions we can offer a Friday or Sunday night performance. Additional venues include outdoor shows at the Alliance for the Arts and Tribby Arts Center. You may be considered for these other venues if All Faiths location is not available during your time frame. 

      We promote all performances via paid advertising in Happenings Magazine and Fort Myers Magazine. Additional publicity is provided through local newspapers and social media such as FB and e-mails. Medial contact list provided upon request. 

      We will include your performance on our website. 

      • We will schedule a local Musician to open for our Traveling Artists. Their set will be approx. ½ hour. No compensation is offered to the local musician, however, they will be able to sell merchandise if they so choose.
      • Touring Musicians: If you need overnight accommodations, one of our members should be able to help. Be sure to let us know if you have any allergies, special likes or dislikes and we will do our best to accommodate you. Touring musicians should Coordinate with Alice during the booking process. 


      • Area to set up promotional merchandise items for sale. 100% of merch sales to artist.
      • If you are sitting we need to know in advance whether to provide stools, or armless chairs
      • Sound: the ACMA system is an Ipad compatable Allen-Heath CQ-20B – 16 channel mixer with 1 EV50M amplified speaker, 2 EV50 speakers, 2 1000 Mackie thump 12 inch monitors. We have 4 Sennheiser mics, 3 Shure SM58 mics, 2 condenser mics, and 2 Shure instrument mics, all with stands. If you prefer to use your own sound system please let us know well in advance.
      • Light meal and beverages for musicians and volunteers the day of your show. 

      SUGGESTED DONATION (for performer): 

      We normally operate on a door donation basis with suggestions of $18 for non-member/$12 member. . Please discuss with our booking coordinators if you have another price point, but be sure to keep in mind whether you have a local fan base to support that. 

      As a not for profit organization we are only able to survive by donations – we generally receive 20%/25% of the door.