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Hymn for Her in Concert! Dan Philgreen opens

May 4 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
$12 – $18
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“These trailer park hippies can sing and play their butts off and don’t give a hoot what the straights think! It’s White Stripes meet Country Joe McDonald, with things just psychedelic enough to keep everyone interested and on their toes. The humor is good. The music even better.”
– Vintage Guitar Magazine/RA
Hymn for Her began as the duo of Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight some 20 years ago in Philadelphia, playing garage rock and roots-punk via Waxing on drums while also playing either guitar or banjo, and Tight on cigar-box guitar, has blossomed into a trio with the many times addition of daughter, Diver, on keys. Diver has been part of the touring unit since birth, hustled along with Mom and Dad in the touring Airstream as they made their way around the country on what seemed to be a never-ending tour.
They’ve got five full-length releases under their belt, and as of late have been doing the singles thing. In 2023, they’ve dropped two: “Elders” is a soft, harmony-heavy nod to when Waxing and Tight worked in a retirement community before the pandemic, a cut that’s the ripe, dream-pop sound they’ve pushed out. “Guns, Porn and Jesus” is a glorious jab at some of the roadside sights and personal beliefs of some of the residents of Hymn for Her’s now home state of Florida, a blast of cow-punk and satirical hillbilly rock that would make Mojo Nixon proud. Both singles were recorded at their home studio, which remains home base for future musical output.
Hymn for Her have been busy touring across the country and abroad over the past few years, injecting juiced-up backwoods country blues with a dose of desert rock psychedelia that has been described as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish,” and “Hillbillies with electronics opening Pandora’s Box”
In 2017, they returned to the UK and Europe playing many festivals, including Glastonbury, to promote “Drive Til U Die” to their overseas audience.They recorded their 2nd album, “Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream”, in their vintage 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer at locations stretching from Philadelphia to Malibu on a three-month tour.
The duo certainly covers a lot of musical territory in Smokin Flames. Their wild-eyed mash-up of country, blues and punk led U.K. music critic Steve Bennett to call H4H’s sound “a riotous, rocking roadkill stew,” while others have referenced such diverse bands as Captain Beefheart, Primus, X, R.L. Burnside, JS Blues Explosion and the Ramones.
Impressively, the two create their “ripsaw sounds” (Los Angeles Times’ Randy Lewis) with only a few instruments. Wayne (with the devilish voice), mainly playing the kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harp, serves as the group’s rhythmic driving force. Lucy (of the fallen-angel voice) delivers a gritty squall on her “Lowebow” — a custom-made cigar-box guitar: “The Riff Monster.”
During the pandemic, Hymn For Her played a live song on FB every Sunday for over a year. These “Singalong Sundays” were a way to share smiles and keep connected with fans.
As stated in their press kit, which is the ACMA’s good fortune….
“Catch this duo and many times trio as they burn down the highway and tear up your town like a Wichita twister”.
Find out more about Hymn for Her at:
ACMA member singer/songwriter Dan Philgreen will open this show. After failed attempts at violin and piano, Dan Philgreen picked up the guitar in the 7th grade. Like many of his age he was very influenced by the many singer-songwriters that were at the height of their popularity during the 70’s when he was in high school, as well as the folk-rock bands of that era, such as Crosby, Stills, and Nash. He has played in church for much of his life but has also always had a love for folk music which never had much of an outlet before his moving to Fort Myers. The founding of the Americana Community Music Association opened a door of opportunity to develop and share his music in a community of folks who are also passionate about this genre. Though he dabbled in song-writing earlier in his life and had a few songs to his credit, the inspiration of the ACMA’s songwriter’s circle spurred him to write many more songs over the past few years. His playing has also developed to a higher point in the last decade and he says that, with age, his voice is finally starting to cooperate as well. Dan’s songs are based on his observations of life and the beauty he sees in the world. They deal with the challenges of life honestly, but always attempt to leave the listener with hope.
Tickets for this show will be available at the door.
Door donations: $12 for Members; $18 for General Public
Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm
Come join us!
Date: May 4
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Cost: $12 – $18
Address: 2756 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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