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Reckless Saints in Concert! The Bernardis Open

January 4, 2025 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
$15 – $20.00

“Their ‘Blue-Twangled Folk n Roll’ sound rides like a V8, firing on all cylinders…!”~ Gurf Morlix

An ACMA favorite kicks off the New Year….The Reckless Saints! Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield are the core duo and songwriters of Reckless Saints. Partners in music and love since 2003, they began recording and touring five years later. “Blue Twangled Folk ‘n’ Roll’ is the answer Roy provided to the question “What kind of music do you play?” The Fort Myers based duo decided to use his answer as the album title for their new release, while also adopting the title of their 2018 release ‘Reckless Saints’ as their new band moniker.

Kim & Roy met online in 2003, when it was still awkward to admit to such in public. On their first date, Roy had Kim playing a few chords on the mandolin and their musical collaboration began. Roy was making a living performing in local venues at the time, but was reluctant to share his original songs as he felt no one was really listening. Kim suggested they book a summer tour, playing any venue that would have them, so they could focus on playing their own songs for a listening audience. Roy agreed, and the duo spent 6 weeks on the road pulling a tiny camper. The inaugural tour gave them confidence to continue seeking a bigger listening audience and led to higher profile bookings and two European tours. The duo spent over a decade touring and recording 5 CDs of original music under their solo names before officially adopting Reckless Saints as their band name.

Reckless Saints founder Roy Schneider was 16 and in hiding when he began making music in earnest. He had just escaped a yearlong incarceration at a controversial facility for troubled teens called Straight, Inc. where, among many other things, he had been denied the right to play his guitar, listen to or even talk about music.

Kim Mayfield grew up in a house filled with music. By age 9 she began piano lessons, learning the basics of technique and reading music; mistakenly believing that reading sheet music was the only way to play piano.

Reckless Saints newest release, “Blue Twangled Folk ‘n’ Roll’ features notables such as David Gans, Freebo, Charlie McCoy, and David C. Johnson.

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Opening for Reckless Saints is ACMA Members The Bernardi’s

The BERNARDIS started out as a couple over 50 years ago. Many years after moving to Southwest Florida, they got the notion to try out some open MICs, and found out he could play, and she could sing, and that it was fun. And so, the adventure began.
Florida offered them many other opportunities, including the Guitar Army in Punta Gorda, the Barberville Folk Festivals in Pierson,   and The Farm stage in Brooksville.  It is here they found their music family.
Nick and Kathy embrace the songs they find and perform them with original flair. They offer an eclectic blend of Americana and contemporary music. Some of them are obscure songs written by well-known artists.  They are happy to have you sing along with those that are well known.

Door Donations:
General Admission/$20

Tickets available at the door.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and concert begins at 7:00 pm

Date: January 4, 2025
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Cost: $15 – $20.00
Address: 2756 McGregor Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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